2017 Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival

    This past September 16th, I performed at the annual Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival in Aruba. About a year ago, (during the ‘Beautiful’ Era) I was invited to play in the Art Gallery of the Festival. It was my first opportunity to take part in a music festival and I was ecstatic. For that performance, I stood in the corner of the Art Gallery with my guitar singing covers and original songs while people moved about, made conversation, and admired the artwork. In that performance I was not the center of attention, I was the background music. However, I remember walking out of the gallery that night feeling something I had never felt before. In that particular performance my show had really been about "the music". I remember seeing people move their heads with the grooves I was playing or tap their foot to the rhythm. My performance had a completely different feel to it then my previous performances had. 

    Since then, every performance I’ve had, I’ve tried to make it center around the music. My actions while I sing, the things that I say in between songs; I wanted everything I did to make the music more impactful and relatable. This year at the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, I was given an amazing opportunity to do just that. The organizers kindly invited me again, and this time I was on a big stage with bright lights and my own band, Live Xpressions . My team, the band, and I all worked really well together to put on, what I thought came out as, a great show!! 

    I had so much fun on that stage, and just like the previous time, I felt like the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival gave me the opportunity to put my music in the spotlight and allow people to interpret and enjoy it. I thank them for giving me the experience and for supporting "the music".

    I look forward to my upcoming shows and seeing some of you there!! 

Until Next Time, Stay Beautiful !

Esha xx

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