Esha Alwani, a young singer/songwriter from the happy island of Aruba is quickly creating a name for herself in the music world. 

Her passion for singing, songwriting and performing, started at a young age but quickly gained priorityin her life when she realized that music had the ability to help manage the symptoms of her neurological disorder: Tourette Syndrome.

With a desire to share her music, as well as spread awareness of the healing effects of music, Esha wrote and recorded her first EP titled ‘Beautiful’. She quickly found herself in partnerships with the Autism Foundation of Aruba and the Tourette Association of America and appearing at the TAA annual conference in 2016 in Arlington, Virginia.

Soon after the release of her second EP, ‘Dangerous’, Esha began performing as the opening act for international superstars on some of Aruba’s biggest stages. From arena shows with audiences of 10,000, opening for artists like Alicia Keysand Maluma, to private events with artists like Nicky Jamand companies like Hublotand Cartier. Esha has also performed at twosold out performances at the legendary Bluebird Caféin Nashville, Tennessee.

In April 2018 Esha was invited to give her first TED talk at TEDxSaintAndrews in Boca Raton, Florida. Her talk, titled ‘Compose Yourself’ was about the struggles she faced with her diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome and the ways in which music had helped her overcome them. Following this TEDx presentation, Esha was then invited to TED headquarters in New York City to give a TED-Ed talk.


With the publication of her talk on the official TED website Esha hopes that many people will be touched and inspired. Her main goal through all of this has been to spread a message of positivity, hope, and perseverance to people in similar situations. 

Esha’s message to the world is simple, “Music is healing therapy and we need to make a place for it in our lives.”  She continues to work on her writing, performing, and public speaking, and is looking forward to sharing new projects very soon.